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Carry up to 6 sailors

2018 17' Hobie Cat Getaway

New redesigned hull features reverse bows and an additional 6" of length.

17' 2018
Most Popular Multihull

2018 16' Hobie Cat 16

The Hobie 16 catamaran is far and away the world's most popular multihull. It's easy to sail, loaded for bear and able to satisfy even the most demanding sailors.

16' 2018
Easy to Sail

2018 13' Hobie Cat Wave

Fun for the family and exciting for the juniors while forgiving enough for the newly initiated, the Hobie Wave is the ideal must-go-sailing-now catamaran.

13' 2018
Ideal for all skills

2018 12' Hobie Cat Bravo

Stable and safe for the novice yet plenty entertaining for a seasoned multi-huller on a storm-tossed day.

12' 2018

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