“How fast is an Astréa 42?”

Seems like everyone asked us that at both the Newport and Annapolis shows. Now that we’ve sailed her from Newport to Newburyport and then back to Narragansett Bay we finally have an answer: Plenty fast. On the trip up, we were able to put the 50 hp Volvos through their paces. With a steady 20 knots (true) headwind, we scooted along at a steady 7.5+ knots at around 2200 RPM. We periodically vary the RPMs during break-in, but we never got below 7 as far as I can remember. The trip back down was glorious, with two days of broad and beam reaches. We we were consistently over 11 kts and where 50% vs wind speed. Even with me steering. Jack took over just before the turn into Newport, and said he saw 13.7 kts more than once as he surfed the faces of…

Annapolis Sailboat Show. Are you going?

Annapolis Sailboat Show.  Are you going?

It’s the biggest sailboat show in the western hemisphere. With seminars, gear, services and boats. So. Many. Boats. We’ll be there in force with Ryan and Matt working the Fountaine Pajot booth, Mike and Alfred working the Dufour booth. And Jack working to make sure everyone is actually working. And the real winners? Diane and Will who will have some quiet time to get some real work done. Are YOU going? Email Jack at jack@advantageyachtsales and we’ll see if we can put some tickets out for you.

Test sail the awesome new Astréa 42 October 19th

Test sail the awesome new Astréa 42 October 19th

We’re inviting serious boat buyers to join us for a test sail on October 19th in Barrington, Rhode Island. We’re planning three trips of about 90 minutes each, departing at 10 am, noon and 2 pm. While it’s no offshore adventure, it does give you a chance to take the wheel of the only Astréa 42 available until November of 2021. Interested? Email alfred@advantageyachtsales.com to learn more.