Boat Storage

AYS offers storage at two yards in the Newburyport area. We provide complete winter storage and winterization services for sail and power boats. We also provide summer storage and short-term storage as well as storage for boats on trailers. Our yards are open, so you care free to perform any work yourself or hire your own service tech.

Our waterfront yard offers storage for cruising sailboats and power boats. This convenient yard provides easy haul and launch virtually year-round. Winter storage starts at $53/ft. Summer and short-term storage can be quoted upon request.

Our Route 1 yard provides inexpensive storage for trailerable boats and those that are listed for sale or for long-term storage. Given that the yard is not waterfront, storage is less expensive. However, the yard’s location is less than a mile from the water. Trailerable boat storage is $100/month with no minimum. Cruising boat storage quoted upon request. Discounts provided on storage for boats listed in our brokerage sales.

Let us know your requirements and we can provide a quote to meet your needs.
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